Welcome to ABC – anti-corrosion coatings for steel

Advanced Barrier Coatings (ABC) designs and manufactures a range of pipeline coatings which provide life-long anti-corrosion protection to all your steel assets. In 2015, ABC acquired the rights and assets for Practical Compounds Ltd. whose products have benefited the anti-corrosion industry for over 40 years both onshore and offshore. ABC will now continue this work and carry on providing the steel industry with the same exemplary performance standards.

The steel industry has undergone many changes and Advanced Barrier Coatings is supplying long-term protection products such as Versathane & Versapox to continue the longevity of asset protection based on many years of anti-corrosion industry experience.

Advanced Barrier Coatings currently supplies critical construction projects with the same professional experience in both the pipeline and marine industry sectors and believes the technology developed can be leveraged out to steel fabricators in all industry sectors.

Whilst pipe manufacturers and steel fabricators have welcomed the opportunity to use proven technology, Advanced Barrier Coatings is supporting the design houses with data to develop steel infrastructure that will be available for generations to come for use in pipeline coatings.

We would welcome an opportunity to discuss any projects now or in the future where we could use and adapt our proven technology to protect steel with a track record on so many successful projects.

All our products are subject to independent 3rd party testing and quality audited by UKAS accredited Notified Bodies.