Practical Compounds

Practical Compounds Ltd – Rights & Assets Purchased by ABC

Advanced Barrier Coatings has purchased the rights and assets for Practical Compounds Limited to continue the excellent track record of products which have served the anti-corrosion industry for over 40 years.

In 1976 Practical Compounds was formed when two former colleagues, Peter Macdonald and Alan Robertson, joined together to design and manufacture coatings which provided life-long protection to valuable steel assets. A successful partnership was struck with stakeholders and with both onshore and offshore clients who came to trust the products developed over 40 years.

Practical Compounds Directors, together with Roger Macdonald have now set up Advanced Barrier Coatings to provide the steel industry with the same exemplary performance standards. Roger has over 30 years experience in the anti-corrosion industry and extensive specialist knowledge of field joint protection.