steel coatings

Steel Coatings

ABC’s steel coatings are a range of specialist, high quality anti-corrosion coatings and compounds suitable for any situation where steel is used.

Technical datasheets are available to download but if you would like help selecting the correct steel coating for your project, please call us on 01670 338414 or email

Versathane – (Polyurethane) is in full compliance with DIN 10290 and has many years track record. From first formulation British Gas test laboratory carried out accelerated testing and stated the product would last a minimum of 40 years. Since first formulation this product has been improved and has been used in projects demanding a 100 year lifetime based on theoretical design criteria.

Versapox – Solventless epoxy. Water Research Council Approved to BS6920 for potable water environments.

Durathane P – Solventless urethane. Approved to British Gas Specification CW6 Parts 1 and 2.

Practon – Pitch / epoxy range. Ultra high solids, damp surface tolerant coatings used extensively in marine ballast tanks, pilings and general steel protection.

Versapox GR (Universal grade) – A high build, fast curing, solvent free epoxy coating designed for the long term protection of pipelines, piles, land and marine structures. Contains no tar, bitumen, isocyanates, urethane or other volatile compounds.

Petrotape – An anti-corrosive, non-cellulose waterproof membrane based on refined petroleum condensates with added inhibitors and moisture displacement agents. The carrier is a strong non degradable flexi-tape allowing accurate contour contact with virtual elimination of air pockets and loose wrap and ensuring excellent joint seal at overlaps.

Pilekote – A high build isocyanate cured coal tar epoxy anticorrosive coating designed for the quick and efficient protection of steel piles, pipes and marine structures allowing maximum throughput. One coat applied by the multi pass system to approx. 600 microns W.F.T. is a normal specification. Curing takes place even at low ambient temperatures, and continues to do so down to -5oC.

Pracslip A bituminous compound designed to reduce the effect of frictional forces on bearing piles, sheet piles, vertical shafts, pipe casings, tunnels, or buried walls in conditions where future ground movement could set up stresses in the structure. Pracslip helps negate the effect of this movement reducing soil loading and is sufficiently flexible so as not to shatter on pile driving but hard enough to minimise sagging during coating, handling and stacking.